The dashboard below presents data from a set of socio-economic response monitoring indicators that emanated from the UN framework for the immediate response to the socio-economic impact of COVID-19. This dashboard followed the call from the Secretary-General’s to develop a "… single, consolidated dashboard to provide up-to-date visibility on [COVID-19] activities and progress across all pillars”. The indicators monitor the progress and achievements of UNCT’s collective actions in socio-economic response. Together with the indicators monitoring the health and humanitarian responses, and the indicators monitoring the human rights impact of COVID-19, they make up the core basis for the UN system’s indicator framework for COVID-19.
Data is collected by the UNCTs and reported through the UN INFO platform. The dashboard is powered by the collective data collection efforts of UNSDG members.
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When health systems collapse, deaths from the outbreak itself can quickly be exceeded by deaths from preventable or treatable conditions, no longer managed by a failing health system. It is therefore crucial to maintain essential lifesaving health services even while addressing the pandemic. The UNDS prioritized support to countries to maintain essential health services and the systems that support them. The UNDS mobilized around several global health milestone and repurposed a significant proportion of its portfolio on ensuring essential services are maintained and health systems strengthened to prepare for recovery.

Health first

141.8 M
72.6 M
47.8 M

People Accessing Vaccination, Maternal Health & Nutrition Programmes.

121.3 M
People Supported (LDCs)
107.2 M
People Supported (LLDCs)
2.2 M
People Supported (SIDS)
Quarterly Progress
People Supported by Region

Health Facilities Supported (Immunization)

Quarterly Progress
Quarterly Progress (Overall)
People Supported by Subgroup

Health Workers Receiving UN Support

2.9 M
People Supported
Quarterly Progress