In the last few months UNDCO, has invested heavily in our UNSDG Knowledge Portal (the Intranet for the UNSDG and RC system if you will) which contains several resources including guidance, checklists, examples from countries and a document library (jointly managed by DCO and UNDP) containing all the socio-economic impact assessments and socio-economic response plans and is accessible to all UN staff with any official UN affiliated e-mail (e.g. @unicef.org; @who.int; @undp.org; @ilo.org and others). We encourage to make this resource known to your UN country team to ensure they also have access to the latest guidance, reviews of the socio-economic response plans and the impact assessments and response plans themselves.

Today we are pleased to announce a complementary tool, the COVID-19 data Portal provides complementary information to the UNSDG Knowledge Portal with a heavy focus on data. This public-facing portal focuses on both the socio-economic impact and response of the UN to the pandemic. In addition to the socio-economic response, linkages to the health and the humanitarian workstreams are also reflected. The COVID-19 data portal presents existing data from DCO and other sources, with additional datasets in the pipeline. It consolidates and allows access to datasets managed by the responsible data owners (e.g. WHO on cases, OCHA on the humanitarian, World Bank on loan portfolio, etc.). It is meant to be a one stop shop for all data related issues linked to the COVID-19 pandemic (both on the situation and the response).

One key feature of the portal, which is especially relevant for UN country teams is that each country has their individual page. For example, see the data for Sierra Leone. Country pages can be accessed from here . The country pages reflect a snapshot of key indicators on the situation in the country and an update on the progress in the response. The latter will be captured through UN INFO where the activities, progress and indicators for COVID-19 joint workplans are monitored and tracked. It is therefore important that all UN country teams are using the joint workplan modules in UN INFO (either by developing a specific COVID-19 joint workplan or by tagging your existing activities with the COVID-19 marker in the ongoing Cooperation Framework joint workplans. Each UN country team will also have a link to their COVID-19 data portal country page on their own country level website (you can for example already see kenya.un.org and somalia.un.org) as well as their country page on the global UNSDG website. In the medium term, we will continue to add additional data sets so that this becomes a useful resource for the development and updates to your common country analysis, or other analyses.

Lastly, the COVID-19 data portal provides a dynamic visualization of the data from the EOSG cross pillar dashboard. Included are several links to relevant data sources of UN entities, with further datasets to be integrated. We expect that by bringing this tremendous amount of data together in one place it will allow for easy access and better coordination among the UNSDG entities.

During this soft launch, not all elements are fully operational yet. These will be added on an ongoing basis as information becomes available, especially on the UN response.

You can share your feedback and suggestions on this version by clicking here.